Ibn al-Jawzi (May Allah shower him with Mercy) said:

By Allah’s right over you,
Do you know who a [true] man is?

A [true] man is, by Allah, one who when he finds himself alone with what he desires from the forbidden,
and [finds himself] capable of doing it,
and yearned in his thirst for it …

He looked at Allah’s watching over him,
and fell ashamed at fulfilling his desires in that which Allah hates,
So his thirst [for it] dispersed.


[1] Sayd Al-Khatir by Ibn Al-Jawzi 1/45

قال ابن الحوزي –رحمه الله- : بالله عليك أتدري من الرجل ؟
الرجل والله من إذا خلا بما يحب من المحرم وقدر عليه وتقلل عطشاً إليه نظر إلى نظر الحق إليه فاستحى من إجالة همه فيما يكرهه، فذهب العطش.ـ