Al-Imam Abu Amr Al-Awza’i said:

I heard that in the Heavens there is an Angel, that calls out every day:

Oh, If only the Creation were not created, and if only when they were created they knew the purpose behind their creation, and sat down in a sitting remembering what they had done.


[1] Tahzeeb Hilyat al-Awliyaa 2/291

قال أبو عمرو الأوزاعي: بلغني أن في السماء ملكا ينادى كل يوم ألا ليت الخلائق لم يخلقوا وياليتهم إذ خلقوا عرفوا لما خلقوا له وجلسوا مجلسا فذكروا ما عملوا