Isma’eel Bin Al-‘Alaa said: Al-Kalwazani Rizq Allah Bin Musa invited me over. He presented us with a lot of food, and among the attendees were: Ahmad Bin Hanbal, Yahya Bin Ma’een, Abu Khaythamah, and others.

He [i.e. Al-Kalwazani] offered us [some] Luzinj [1] which he spent Eighty Dirhams [2] on, so Abu Khaythamah said: This is Israaf i.e. wasteful extravagance!

Ahmad said: No [it is not], for if the [whole] world was [to be] gathered until it was the amount of a mouthful [of food], then a Muslim takes it and places it in the mouth of his brother, he would not be considered extravagant.

Yahya said: You have said the Truth, oh Abu ‘Abdullah. [3]


[1] A type of Persian sweet

[2] One Dirham was equivalent to 2.975 grams of Silver. Eighty Dirhams today will be about 238 grams of silver

[3] Tabaqat Al-Hanabilah (1/106)

قال إسماعيل بن العلاء : دعاني الكلوذاني رزق الله بن موسى, فقدم إلينا طعاما كثيراً, وكان في القوم: أحمد بن حنبل, ويحيى بن معين, وأبو خيثمة وجماعة. فقدم لوزينج أنفق عليها ثمانين درهما, فقال أبو خيثمة: هذا إسراف! فقال أحمد: لا,لو أن الدنيا جمعت حتى تكون في مقدار لقمة, ثم أخذها امرؤ مسلم, فوضعها في فم أخيه المسلم لما كان مسرفا. فقال يحيى: صدقت يا أبا عبد الله